8 Things Not To Do

 -Before Getting a Tattoo-

Don’t make these mistakes before getting your first tattoo

Are you considering getting a tattoo? It’s an exciting adventure! However, before you head to the tattoo shop, it’s important to be aware of certain things to avoid. This blog post will provide you with eight essential things not to do before getting a tattoo. Avoiding these simple things is the best way to ensure a smooth and successful experience. From refraining from alcohol consumption to protecting your skin from sun damage, following these guidelines will help you achieve a beautiful and long-lasting tattoo.

What not to do before getting tattooed no alcohol

1. Don’t Drink Alcohol

Excessive Bleeding
One of the most important steps to take before getting a tattoo is abstaining from alcohol at starting a few days before getting tattooed. This is because alcohol thins the blood. As well as increases the risk of excessive bleeding during the tattooing process. Additionally, alcohol can impair judgment. Being under the influence can potentially lead to impulsive decisions regarding tattoo design or placement. For a successful outcome, it’s best to approach the tattoo studio with a clear mind. Staying away from alcohol prior to your appointment is a great idea.
Impaired Healing
Equally important is your body will need to be at its best to heal your new tattoo. Alcohol can impair your ability to do so. Due to the fact that your system will also be fighting off the effects of the alcohol.
Impaired Judgement
In addition, in most states, it is illegal to be tattooed while under the influence. The consent form filled out prior to getting tattooed is a legal contract. You do not want to be signing a contract under the influence. Lastly, we personally know of no reputable tattoo studio that would tattoo anyone suspected to be under any influence of any kind.
what not to do before getting tattooed no sun exposure

2. Avoid Sunburns and Tanning


Protect You Skin
Prior to a tattoo session, it’s vital to protect your skin from sun damage. Sunburns and excessive tanning can cause discomfort during the tattoo process. This can also interfere with the successful application of the tattoo itself. Sun-damaged skin may prevent needles from penetrating tissue properly. Thus potentially clogging them with dead tissue. To ensure optimal results, wait until your skin has fully healed from sunburns or tans before scheduling your tattoo session. If you find yourself in the sun beforehand it is best to use a high number sunblock or covering in the area to be tattooed.

3. Skip Over-the-Counter Blood Thinners:

Similar to alcohol, over-the-counter blood thinners like aspirin or ibuprofen can increase bleeding during the tattooing process. These medications may hinder the tattoo artist’s ability to work efficiently while achieving vibrant colors. It’s strongly advised to avoid using these blood thinners, and if you’re uncertain about the effects of any prescription medications, consult your doctor and inform your tattoo artist beforehand.
Mat tattooing no numbing creams

4. Avoid Numbing Creams:

If it sounds too good to be true…
Using numbing creams before getting tattooed may sound like a good idea to reduce pain, but it can actually hinder the tattooing process. These creams numb the skin. And in return, they make it challenging for the artist to gauge the needle’s depth and properly apply the ink. In addition, numbing creams can cause the skin to become spongy, making it more difficult for the ink to settle evenly.
…It usually is
On the whole, numbing creams last a very short time. After they have dissipated, most users experience a great increase in pain for the remainder of the tattoo process.  Most reputable tattoo artists will not allow the use of these creams. Also, the restriction of blood to the damaged tissue from the numbing cream hinders the healing process. It’s best to endure the discomfort and trust your tattoo artist’s expertise to achieve the desired results.

5. Avoid Impulsive Decisions

Yes it’s Permanent
Tattoos are permanent works of art. That being said it is something that should requiring careful consideration. Avoid getting tattooed on impulsive whims or even influenced by strong emotions. It is best to take your time. Be sure to select a design that holds significant meaning. Or one which accurately represents your personality or ideas and experiences.
A little planning goes a long way
Proper planning and contemplation will minimize the likelihood of tattoo regrets later on. Doing your homework will go a long way to avoid any regrets. And in turn, ensure your experience will be a positive one.  Research an artist who specializes in the styles you are attracted to. You can also ask others who have tattoos you admire what they think about your ideas. And of course, be sure you feel comfortable and can communicate with your artist as well.
avoid caffeine before getting tattooed

6. Say No to Excessive Caffeine

Decaf for the win!
While it may be true that caffeine is your go-to energy booster in daily life. It is better to reduce your intake before your tattoo session. Excessive caffeine can make you feel more anxious or restless. This in turn can potentially affect your ability to sit still and relax during the tattooing process. Opt for a relaxed state of mind by keeping caffeine consumption moderate or even avoiding it entirely on the day of your appointment.

7. Avoid Going in “Hangry”

Eat a balanced meal
Getting a tattoo on an empty stomach can lead to lightheadedness or dizziness. It is best to eat a well-balanced meal before your appointment. This serves to maintain stable blood sugar levels and keep your energy up throughout the session. It is best to eat something light but nourishing. This is because heavy meals may make you feel bloated or uncomfortable while sitting for an extended period.
Don't be hungry before getting a tattoo

8. Hydration is Good

But not too much!
Proper hydration is essential for optimal skin health and tattoo healing. However, drinking too much water immediately before getting a tattoo is not the best idea. Doing so can make you more prone to discomfort as well as having to take frequent bathroom breaks during the session. It’s best to ensure you have adequately hydrated in the days leading up to your appointment instead. This will keep your skin healthy and primed for the tattooing process.
Don't for get to hydrate before getting a tattoo

The Bottom Line

Getting a tattoo is an important decision. Taking the proper preparations is key to a successful experience. By avoiding dehydration, sunburns, blood thinners, and numbing creams you will make sure your skin is in great shape to get tattooed. And avoiding excessive caffeine, alcohol, and hunger will help make sure your mind is also ready for an excellent tattoo experience. As well as ensuring the best possible outcome for your tattoo. Remember, your tattoo artist is there to guide and assist you throughout the process. By following these recommendations and seeking advice when needed, you’ll have a memorable tattoo experience, resulting in an incredible piece of art.

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