Body Piercing

Fine Jewelry and Body Piercing Studio

Specialty Services

As well as offering an extensive range of ear, face, and body piercings here at Siren Body Piercing we offer a wide range of specialist services to help you on your personal piercing journey.

Ear Curation

Ears are wonderfully unique pieces of our anatomy and as such can be styled to complement your individual shape and tastes. Michaela works with you to plan a selection of piercings and jewelry options specifically tailored to you and your anatomy. She will ensure the piercings will flow with each other and with your anatomy to give the most beautiful aesthetic results.

This process can take months or even years to complete as our bodies can only heal so many piercings at once. Because of this, we suggest splitting projects like this up into phases to ensure each individual phase will work on its own as you continue to build that perfect ear.

This service is entirely free, you only pay for the piercings and jewelry you get!
So get in touch to start the process today.

Adult Genital Piercings

Siren Body Piercing also offers a full array of adult genital piercings for our clientele. Michaela has been trained in all advanced genital piercing procedures and techniques.

She will walk you through the process, step by step, in a safe and comfortable environment.

Contact Us

The best way to schedule your piercing appointment is to give the shop a call directly at 603-279-3311. You are also welcome to fill out the form if you have any questions prior to making your appointment.


We do take walk-ins for piercings if our schedule allows for them, but we do HIGHLY RECOMMEND scheduling an appointment for all services. This includes new piercings, post-shortening, or jewelry swap-outs. As well as purchasing new jewelry whether you plan on having it installed at the studio or not.

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