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In 1997, Timm started his formal tattoo training in one of Rhode Islands oldest tattoo shops, where he stayed for quite some time before moving on to California for a career as a drummer in a band called “Lovin’ Kry”. After a good run at that and a few other endeavors, Timm returned to Rhode Island to continue tattooing. From there, he moved to a busy street-style shop in Massachusetts before moving once again north to New Hampshire, where he tattooed in a local shop for the next five years. On February 6th, 2014, Timm came to join the Midnight Moon team, bringing his own style of tattooing to the studio, and where he continues to progress and develop his art as a tattooist, sign painter, and further his work with paint, pencil and mixed media.

Timm enjoys working with his clients on an individual basis to create tattoo designs in the style most fitting to the work and the clients intentions.

Living north along Lake Winnipesaukee, Timm spends his personal time with his family and as a drummer in his church band.


Thank you for your interest in my work. My primary interest is realistic tattooing of all kinds, I enjoy the challenge to create images from life and exploring the ways