While most tattoo artists, and many other people, will tell you that you should absolutely and under no circumstances tattoo your lover’s name on your body, there are still many people who wish to express their love in permanent form. A creative and lasting way to do this is with a thoughtful couples’ tattoo.

One of the best types of couples’ tattoos to get are ones that can stand alone should the relationship turn sour. This is the main reason that you often hear the adage, “If you get your lover’s name tattooed you are dooming your relationship to end.” Because when you get someone’s name tattooed on your body and you subsequently split up, you are left with that permanent reminder on your skin.

By getting stand-alone tattoos that coordinate with your partner, you can arrange to have a tattoo that holds meaning in your relationship while still being personally special. You can either choose to get a matching tattoo or a set of tattoos that work with each other; for example, you can choose to get a lock while your partner gets a key. Other great examples are matching words or phrases (Bible verses, poem lines, etc. and/or duplicated images (two hearts, two puzzle pieces). 

Lock and KeyNo one expects to go through a break-up or divorce from their partner, especially when you choose to get tattooed with that person. Hopefully, the relationship lasts, but, in the event that it does not, you will still have a tattoo that means something (without being a crossed out name!).