Hey everyone, we had an amazing first summer here at the new studio location and just wanted to thank you all for the good times. A few updates about what’s going on around here!
Michaela, our resident piercer and body modification specialist just got in a huge shipment of gorgeous Anatometal 18K gold pieces and has further expanded our collection of unique hand-carved jewelry. To catch a glimpse of some of her new jewelry check out the studio’s Instagram @midnightmoontattoo or hers @nhbodypiercing.
If you are looking for a tattoo, we have some walk-in availability for small pieces in the coming weeks with Timm, check out his latest work on Instagram @RighteousRebelz.
If you wanted to see some of our artist’s artwork that isn’t on skin check out the work put on display at the Meredith Library.
Aside from that, you should head on down to Hancock, Massachusetts next weekend for the Paradise Tattoo Gathering at Jiminy Peak resort. Mat and Michaela will be there all weekend and you can see the rest of us on Sunday!