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Michaela has been performing body modification and piercing here at Midnight Moon Tattoo since 2011. Her training and continued education is quite extensive and ever-growing.

Starting with her knowledge of piercing, she has traveled to San Francisco, California, to work and learn with Fakir Musafar, widely referred to as the the “Godfather of Modern Body Piercing”. Topics studied included The Fundamentals of the Body, Advanced Piercings and Modification, and absolutely everything in between. As an annual participant of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) Convention held in Las Vegas, she has received numerous certifications within the industry that include: Anatomy of the Body, Safe and Sterile Practices in the Modification Industry, and Advanced Piercing Techniques, just to name a very few.

With Steve Haworth of Phoenix, Arizona (listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “The Most Advanced Modification Artist” 1999-present), Michaela studied the methods of magnetic implantations and genital beading, both services provided at Midnight Moon. While performing her piercing and modification services, Michaela uses only the highest quality body jewelry available in the industry. Industrial Strength, NeoMetal, and Anatometal are just a few examples. She also carries a large selection of specialty 14k gold, diamond, and organic body jewelry as well. You will not find better quality or selection of body jewelry anywhere.

Body Piercing & Body Modification Certificates

  • 2011 Fakir Musafar Basic Body Piercing Intensive
  • 2012 Fakir Musafar Advanced Body Piercing Intensive
  • 2013 APP Association of Professional Piercers Conference Attendee
  • 2014 Magnetic Implants Steve Haworth
  • 2014 Genital Beading Steve Haworth
  • 2015 APP Association of Professional Piercers Conference Attendee
  • 2016 APP Association of Professional Piercers Conference Attendee
  • 2016 Heavy Body Modification Formation with Yann Brenyak including Scarification, Skin Peeling, Ear Lobe Reconstruction, Tongue Splitting, Large Gauge Scalping, etc.
  • 2017 Fakir Musafar Comprehensive Body Piercing Intensive
  • 2020 Buddha Jewlery Organics – Pro Team Member
  • Continued certificates in the standard practice of safety and sterile practice in the body piercing industry.

Body Piercing Continuing Education Courses partial list to include:

  • Anatomy of the Body for Piercing
  • Oro-Facial Anatomy for Piercing
  • Stretching Dynamics
  • Female Genital Piercing
  • Ear Projects
  • Needles the Cutting Edge
  • Strategic Marking
  • Steel and Titanium
  • Importance of Jewelry Surface Finish and Polishing
  • Flesh and Stone :: Lapidary Anthropology
  • Medical Considerations for Body Piercing
  • Wound Healing Dynamics
  • Wound Healing Troubleshooting
  • Preventing Cross Contamination in the Sterilization and Piercing Room
  • Safe Practices in the Sterilization Room
  • BBP Certified
  • Red Cross First Aide and CPR Certified