You might not know that there are many different acceptable placement options when it comes to nipple piercings. I’m sure we have all seen the traditional horizontal placement, where the bars (or rings) sit horizontal to the horizon. But did you know that nipple piercings can also be placed vertically or diagonally as well? And if you’re one of those lucky individuals who has been blessed with the correct anatomy, we can even place two piercings, one in front of the other, on each nipple so your barbells can cross!

Fun stuff aside, there is an additional option that I offer my clients which I call “horizontal to you”. It is basically the traditional horizontal placement, but with both barbells tilted slightly upwards towards the center of the body. Let me explain why this customized placement is so cool.

As I’m sure you know, the human body is not square, and the vast majority of us are also not symmetrical. This “horizontal to you” placement allows the nipple piercings to follow a more natural line with the existing curves of the body (hence the slight upward tilt). This placement is especially beneficial in cases where the client’s nipples are uneven in height, or are not perfectly symmetrical to each other. The end result is a pair of beautiful nipple piercings regardless of body shape, size, or left/right symmetry.

So if you have always wanted your nipples pierced, but were hesitant because you felt your girls might not be “right” for them, consider having a discussion with a qualified professional piercer. You might be pleasantly surprised at the options available, and discover that your nipple piercings can be customized to fit you!