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Mathew Clarke opened Midnight Moon in 1993 at the age of 18. Tattooing was quite different in the early 90s, with the “art” side of the industry just starting to come in to play. Fortunately, Mathew met some great artists and friends that greatly influenced him along the way during his beginning years as a tattooer. He has traveled greatly and has become a respected award-winning and sponsored artist, both nationally and internationally. Mathew continues to travel the world to tattoo, learn, teach and experience all possible aspects of tattooing and its historic traditions. He is also a knowledgeable collector of tattoo memorabilia and history.

Mathews prefers to work in styles that provide a challenge and newness to his work. Japanese-influenced subjects in both black work and color, with a primary interest in color along with illustrative-realism and stylized renderings are some of his preferred subjects to tattoo.

Mathew enjoys many art forms when not tattooing, such as screen printed art, digital art, traditional tattoo style art, as well as sculpture and design to name a few.


1994- Best large color, 1st at Down east tattoo show

1994- Large Black work 2nd, Down east tattoo show

1994- small color and small black work both 2nd.Down east tattoo show

1995- 1999- multiple awards (over 35) of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place along with four best of show tattoos at down east tattoo show

1998- Best cover up and Tattoo of the day at Meeting of the marked Tattoo show

2006- Best of show for black and grey at Philadelphia Tattoo show

2008- 1st place Black work at Manchester Tattoo convention

2012- 1st place Large color and 3rd small Black work at Manchester Tattoo show


Thank you very much for your interest in my work. This page contains all the crucial information you need before setting up an appointment with me. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at the shop, and I’ll be happy to provide you with all the information needed and to answer any questions.

Please DO NOT send any deposits until we have agreed on an appointment and design, as they are NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstance.

• I only do so many tattoos a year therefore a few requirements will have to be met to qualify an idea. Please keep in mind that not every idea and design works for an excellent tattoo but I am always happy to talk over your ideas with hope we can come up with a design we will both be happy with.

• I work with 100% freedom to achieve the best tattoo possible using your ideas on subject matter and my artistic abilities and style. I love to work in many styles, some more than others, and keep in mind some styles fit designs better than others.

• I try to fit everyone in but realistically only the most interesting projects get appointments first. There are cases where my reply will be a referral to one of our other artists. This does not mean that I don’t want to do your tattoo but it means that your idea will be best handled according to the style you want by a another artist. This is because the best results are achieved by having the right artist for the right job.

• I do cover-ups occasionally when working with large scale designs but I determine what works and what will not based on your subject matter. Be aware that cover-ups will usually be bigger than the original tattoo, and will often take a longer time and/or multiple sessions to complete.

• With very few exceptions, there are some tattoo styles that I don’t do such as tribal, Celtic, script/writing in or next to images. I don’t do re-works or finish pieces by other artists. My artistic preference is color work and Japanese influenced design.

• A percentage of my work is freehand and always custom, which means the design or part of the design is drawn directly on skin, or based on sketches done beforehand. In this case there won’t be any drawing shown before your appointment. If there was a sketch done, you will see it the day of the appointment as I tend to draw the final design the night before to keep things fresh in mind. for this reason, consults are extremely important to be sure we both know what to expect. please come prepared and knowing what you want with in reason.

• On average, I am booked one to three months in advance; I do not book appointments past three months out. cancellations do occur and I am sometimes able to provide a sooner appointment with short notice.

• A non-refundable deposit is required to set up an appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment please do so at least 72 hours in advance. If not you will forfeit your deposit and a new one will be required to schedule a new appointment. If you reschedule your appointment more than three times you will forfeit you deposit and a new deposit will be needed to continue.

• I tend to be a very fast and efficient tattooer and do my best to make sure every tattoo I do is held to my highest standards. This takes time and patience on both our parts. Also, I will assume you contacted me based on my work style and artistic abilities. With this understanding, I work as an artist in my style only, with a basis on your ideas. I am not a copy machine or robot.

• For larger work such sleeves and back pieces, it is important to understand that it is a commitment both financially and of both our time. Appointments are set every four to six weeks until completion of your tattoo unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

• My rate for large, multiple-sitting pieces is $200 per hour, and I have a three hour minimum, unless other arrangements have been made. Smaller, one-sitting tattoos will be priced per piece and price will be agreed upon before an appointment is made.

• You may have the option of booking me for an entire day on approved pieces, the rate for a whole day of tattooing is $1,600 and includes; a bottle of Hustle Helper numbing soap for your comfort, priority booking status, healing ointment and full day of work which allows me as an artist to establish an aesthetic flow, and more can get done in less time and fewer overall sittings with less of a delay between appointments. Over all you will save Time and Money along with a more uniformly established tattoo. (all day appointments are highly encouraged for larger pieces)

Thank you for your inquiry. Please let me know if you would like to move forward; doing so confirms that you agree to the terms above.

Thank you, Mathew

Shows Mat Attends

Paradise Tattoo Con. Keystone, CO

Paradise Tattoo Con. East Hampstead, Ma

Bretta Tattoo show, Bretta, Netherlands

Amsterdam tattoo Convention, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Evian Tattoo show, Evian, France

Paris Tattoo show, Paris, France

The Tobacco dock tattoo show, Denmark

Down East Tattoo show, Maine

Meeting of the marked, Pittsburgh, PA

Philadelphia Tattoo show. Philly, PA

Detroit Motor City tattoo Con, Detroit, MI

Tattoolapalooza. Miami, FL

Hell City Tattoo Fest, Columbus, OH

Hell City Tattoo Fest, Phoenix, AZ

Cincinnati Tattoo show. Cincinnati, OH

Mathew Clarke Credentials


1991- Graduate of New England school of design

1993- present- continuing education on Blood Borne Pathogens in the Tattoo industries

1993-present- continuing education, CPR

1993-present- New Hampshire licensing of professional tattoo artist.

1995- Advanced tattooing techniques and effects

1998- worked with NHBOH on rewriting of NH body art laws

2001-present- Philadelphia PA, licensing of professional tattoo artists

2001-present- Detroit MI,- licensing of professional tattoo artists

2002-2014- Florida licensing of professional tattoo artists.

2004-present- Columbus OH,licensing of professional tattoo artists

2006-present- Phenix AZ, licensing of professional tattoo artists.

2007- Illustration techniques in tattooing

2007- Realism in tattooing, study and techniques.

2015- digital design and applications in tattooing

2015- Digital design 3D

Continued certificates in the standard practice of safety and steril practice in the tattoo industry.


1994- Tattoo life magazine

1994- Tattoo Review Magazine

1994- concord monitor, Tattooing in NH article

1996- Tattoo Review Magazine full spread article

1998- Tattoo Magazine main spread article

1998- International Tattoo art magazine

1999- Pain magazine

2001- Tattoo art magazine

2001- U-nion Leader news paper

2003/4- International Tattoo Art.

2008- Tattoo Review Magazine

2012- International Tattoo art

2012- Tattoo Art magazine

2014- Pain magazine shop issue

2014-Tatouage magazine- France