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Mathew Clarke opened Midnight Moon in 1993 at the age of 18. Tattooing was quite different in the early 90s, with the “art” side of the industry just starting to come in to play. Fortunately, Mathew met some great artists and friends that greatly influenced him along the way during his beginning years as a tattooer. He has traveled greatly and has become a respected award-winning and sponsored artist, both nationally and internationally. Mathew continues to travel the world to tattoo, learn, teach and experience all possible aspects of tattooing and its historic traditions. He is also a knowledgeable collector of tattoo memorabilia and history.

Mathews prefers to work in styles that provide a challenge and newness to his work. Japanese-influenced subjects in both black work and color, with a primary interest in color along with illustrative-realism and stylized renderings are some of his preferred subjects to tattoo.

Mathew enjoys many art forms when not tattooing, such as screen printed art, digital art, traditional tattoo style art, as well as sculpture and design to name a few.


1994- Best large color, 1st at Down east tattoo show

1994- Large Black work 2nd, Down east tattoo show

1994- small color and small black work both 2nd.Down east tattoo show

1995- 1999- multiple awards (over 35) of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place along with four best of show tattoos at down east tattoo show

1998- Best cover up and Tattoo of the day at Meeting of the marked Tattoo show

2006- Best of show for black and grey at Philadelphia Tattoo show

2008- 1st place Black work at Manchester Tattoo convention

2012- 1st place Large color and 3rd small Black work at Manchester Tattoo show


Thank you very much for your interest in my work. This page contains all the crucial information you need before setting up an appointment with me. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at the shop, and I’ll be happy to provide you with all the information needed and to answer any questions.

Please DO NOT send any deposits until we have agreed on an appointment and design, as they are NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstance.

  • I only do so many tattoos a year. Therefore a few requirements will have to be met for me to consider a new project. Please keep in mind that not every idea and design works for an excellent tattoo. But I am always happy to talk over your ideas with the hope we can come up with a design we will both be happy with.
  • I work with 100% freedom to achieve the best tattoo possible using your ideas on the subject matter and my artistic abilities and style.  Please keep in mind, some styles fit some designs better than others.
  • I try to fit everyone in. Realistically however, only the most interesting and challenging projects get appointments first. There are cases where my reply will be a referral to one of our other artists. This does not mean that I don’t want to do your tattoo. But it means that your idea will be better handled according to the style you want by another artist. This is because the best results are achieved by having the right artist for the right job.
  • I do cover-ups occasionally when working with large-scale designs. However I determine what will and will not work best, based on your subject matter. Be aware that cover-ups will usually mean more time and considerations to the design. Thus resulting in more work. I always highly recommend laser treatments for darker or larger tattoos to be covered. I understand this will add to the overall expense and time of your new tattoo. However, considering this new tattoo will be an investment it should be done to its best, on both our ends, and it’s well worth it. Also, consider that I will not need the extra time to design your tattoo as a cover, and cover the old tattoo itself. You will save a good amount on your time with me. Not to mention the artistic sacrifices to your new design that may be needed to allow for an effective coverup. I suggest your old unwanted tattoo does not dictate the results of your new beautiful tattoo. I can recommend a few reputable people who excl