Frequently Asked Questions

One of the many awesome services we offer here at the studio is the placing of Magnetic Finger Jewelry, also referred to as Sensory Magnets. Because of the growing popularity of this modification we have created this very informative FAQ page to help answer some of the common questions you might have about the magnets and what having one entails.

If you have any additional questions not covered here or would like to schedule an appointment to have it done, please do not hesitate to contact Michaela at the studio 603-279-3311.

What is Magnetic Finger Jewelry?

Magnetic finger jewelry is a gold plated iron core magnet that has been coated in implant-grade silicone via injection in a mold then cured. Thus making the magnet suitable to be used as an implant inside on the human body.


What’s it for?

Aside for being able to do silly bar tricks like picking up paper clips, nails, bottle caps, or any small ferrous (iron-bearing) metal object, the primary purpose is to sense electromagnetic fields in your immediate surrounding environment. It grants you what amounts to a sixth sense. A Magnetic Vision if you will… the ability to detect the vibrations emitted by motors and other electrical equipment or in other various object that contain magnets. When in proximity to these electromagnetic fields, the magnet will either vibrate or be pulled toward the direction of the field.

How’s it done?

Your finger (generally your ring finger) will be placed in ice water for several minutes to numb it for the procedure. A small slice is made in your finger, the magnet is inserted, you receive one stitch, and your finger is bandaged.

How long does it take to heal?

Most people are able to use their finger gently after a few days, but will still be wearing a protective bandage. Healing of the primary cut takes about a week, and the stitch is removed after 7-10 days. Full healing and tissue encapsulation takes about a month. It is very important that you do NOT play with your magnet at all during this month long healing time. It will take about six months for the scar tissue to subside and for you to have full sensitivity on the magnet.

Can I put a magnet in each of my fingers?

Yes, but we feel it is unnecessary to do so. Having one or ten magnets will not change whether or not you feel the magnetic fields. One magnet is enough. Your brain interprets the sensation in such a way that it will feel as if you entire hand is sensing the field. I personally have a finger magnet as well as a stronger palm magnet in the same hand. I find this gives me a kind of 3D effect when detecting the fields. Also the fact that I do not have any magnets in my other hand allows me to have a “control” on non-magnetic-sensing hand.

Why do we recommend your ring finger?

The ring finger is the weakest finger and it will be placed to the side as to not inhibit pressure when lifting boxes and grasping items.

Can they be placed in other locations on the body?

Yes. People have had them placed on the back of hands, ears, etc. However it is not recommended to use them to hold or attach anything to the outside of the body for a long period of time (no longer than 20 min). Doing so will damage the skin over the magnet.

Will the magnet affect credit cards, computers, cell phones, or other electrical equipment?

No. It is a neodymium magnet graded 45 out of 50 gauss (which is very powerful for its size) but still small enough that it will not wipe anything out. Most of the items listed would need a magnet 100 gauss or higher to be affected.


Will having Magnetic Finger Jewelry cause an issue while traveling or set off airport security metal detectors.

I have personally travelled all over the continental United States as well as Internationally and have never had my magnets set off metal detectors at airport security check points. This includes full body scanners, backscatter, wands, or traditional routine screenings walking through a metal detector.


What if you have an abnormal magnetic field to begin with? You are one of those people that drains batteries, cell phones, etc.

It is unlikely that you’ll drain this type of magnet. It takes thousands of years to drain a normal magnet and one rated so high as the neodymium magnet is expected to take even longer. However if this is truly the case with your body then we cannot be sure what would happen with the magnet once it is inside you. Nor can we be sure if you would receive the same response from the magnet as a normal person would. Keep in mind this is considered an experimental procedure, so we cannot give any guarantees of performance.

What about needing an MRI

You can receive an MRI with a magnet implant. There have been many people that have had magnets installed in there body and gone through an MRI with out incident (including Steve Haworth himself). In some cases it has been reported that the magnet just vibrated very strongly. Other reports state the MRI technician shielded the persons hand during the procedure as they would with someone who has had shrapnel or other implants. However there are many different types of MRIs, so you must discuss it with the technician. It is also possible that the MRI might demagnetize your magnet.

What if I want to remove the magnet

Removal is as easy as insertion, but should be done by a professional. A small slit will be sufficient for the magnet to exit the body.

What about the odds of rejection?

On some occasions, usually if it is played with too much during the first month healing stage, the magnet can reject and the body would push it out like it would a splinter. If this occurs, we should be able to insert another magnet and it usually takes the second time. Rejection is always a possible risk with any implant or piercing, as your body is doing what it’s made to do, repel a foreign invader. If you are choosing to have this procedure, please be aware of this possibility, even though the likelihood of it occurring is small.

We hope this information has been helpful to you and again if you have any other questions or would like to schedule a consultation please give Michaela a call 603-279-3311.