Another president is being sworn in and regardless of how you feel about the new guy we have a few commander in chiefs we can all get behind. Rumors of inked administrators have followed several of our nation’s leaders. The one we can confirm had some subdermal art was the original Rough Rider himself, Theodore Roosevelt.

So aside from our 26th president, who had a large rendition of the Roosevelt family crest on his chest, what other leaders sported secret ink?

If you know some presidential history here is one that probably won’t surprise you, Andrew Jackson. Aside from slapping some would-be assassin around the U.S. congressional house with his cane at the age of 67 and fighting over 100 pistol duels, it is reported he had a large tomahawk on his thigh, ironic considering some of his more morally ambiguous decisions as president.

This next one will probably surprise most of you, after all when you hear the name James K. Polk most people think, oh yeah he was one of our presidents wasn’t he. Although he might be overlooked on occasion he certainly shouldn’t be, he is responsible for the acquisition of Texas, Oregon, and California and completing the American Idea of Manifest Destiny. He is also rumored to have a Chinese symbol translating to ‘eager’ on him, fitting considering his accomplishments in land consolidation.

Our last candidate for presidential ink doesn’t just share a last name with Teddy, but is also rumored to share the same tattoo. That’s right FDR our only four term president was rumored to have the same family crest emblazoned on him as his fifth cousin.

Now if you are ever frustrated with a decision made by presidents past, present, or future you at least have a couple you can always look up to for one choice they made… allegedly.