Another year has come and gone, reminding us of the future, reminding us of our inevitable fate serving the robot overlords and Skynet. You don’t have to worry though, we have a tip on how to stay on the good side of our future metallic masters; become a cyborg. If you didn’t know we at Midnight Moon will soon be carrying North Sense from This simple double anchor surface implant is revolutionary in its ability to give human beings an additional sense. You will now be able to locate Earth’s magnetic north with nothing but your own body giving you an uncanny sense of direction and location. We haven’t even told you the coolest part, as some may know our memories are directly tied to our senses, your brain triggers memories based on sight, sound, smell etc. Doesn’t it stand to reason that with the addition of a new sense you would now be able to form new memories and synapses associated with that sense?

“It is hard to put into words only a few hours after attaching the North Sense but the feeling I am left with is profound.  The impact of immediately sensing my position created a permanent memory.  I vaguely recall the colors and sounds in the room but I remember my position vividly.” – Scott Cohen (one of the creators of North Sense)

To find out more about North Sense please visit you can also give us a call here at Midnight Moon. You can expect your cyborg upgrades to be ready sometime in 2017.