Getting pierced by Micheala

Couple of weeks ago our newest artist Robert had the pleasure of getting pierced by Micheala. He had mentioned that he was interested in a pair matching forward helix piercings, so Michaela fitted him with these NeoMetal titanium threadless black cz studs. Enjoy~ Micheala Clarke marking Robert Blackadars forward Helix   Micheala piercing Robert   [...]

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Body Piercing Migration and Rejection

Anyone who is into body piercings has probably heard the terms migration and rejection. Unfortunately, these issues can sometimes be very frustrating and even frightening for someone to experience. But, with a little knowledge and understanding we can all develop the ability to handle these situations without fear. The first thing you need to know [...]

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Nipple Piercings – Customized to fit you!

You might not know that there are many different acceptable placement options when it comes to nipple piercings. I’m sure we have all seen the traditional horizontal placement, where the bars (or rings) sit horizontal to the horizon. But did you know that nipple piercings can also be placed vertically or diagonally as well? And [...]

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Up-to-date Piercing Aftercare

Up-to-date Piercing Aftercare   Every piercing procedure I perform is followed by the appropriate aftercare instruction conversation with my client. And almost without exception I find that within my instructions, I say something the contradicts something else they have been told to do (or not to do) in the past.   Just as medical procedures [...]

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