We have previously discussed how tattoos work, how ink is deposited in your dermis and how the image stays within your skin through the production of fibroblasts, but what are the best ways to take care of your skin that will not only improve how your body reacts to receiving a tattoo, but how it heals following the installation of said art? Diet is crucial to the health and quality of your skin. Minerals such as Iron and Zinc as well as Vitamins A, C, and E contribute to your skin’s health and ability to heal itself. Protecting your skin from external elements can also help improve the longevity of your tattoo as well as your overall skin health.

In the weeks leading up to your tattoo, it might be a good idea to cut out the extra sugars and fats as this will help keep your skin clear of blemishes and reduce inflammation. A balanced diet will help to ensure you get the proper nutrients your body naturally uses when healing wounds. Your body uses Zinc for cell maintenance and repair as well as production of fibroblasts, which if you remember hold the ink of your tattoo and help maintain your tattoo’s clarity and color. Iron is what red blood cells need to bond oxygen, and oxygen rich blood flowing to a wound helps it heal faster! Meanwhile, Vitamin C (apart from being an antioxidant and fighting free radicals, those random isotopes which can destabilize a living cell) helps to firm up your skin, fights fading, aging, and sun damage through ascorbic acid, so stock up on oranges!

Now let’s talk about a few things to avoid before you sit down for your tattoo. We’ve all heard those stories about someone getting drunk and waking up with some new art: yeah, please don’t do that. Alcohol is a natural blood thinner, and as such is not only going to impair your judgment, but will also cause more bleeding in the area you are having work done. While we’re discussing substances that numb any pain you might feel, stay away from those pain medications containing heparin or warfarin (such as aspirin), as these are anti-coagulants and will not only cause more bleeding during the tattooing but also slow the healing process.

If you want the best tattoo experience possible, eating a healthy balanced diet and including a multivitamin or two is your best bet. Thanks for reading and happy healing!