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Audi started tattooing with an apprenticeship in 1998 on the New Hampshire seacoast. He continued with his mentor through Boston and on to South Florida for several years, before moving back home to the Granite State where he joined Midnight Moon in 2004. Though he’s skilled in all styles of tattooing, he’s particularly excited to work in black and grey with semi-realistic and highly detailed tattooing styles.

Audi’s other interests in art include many forms of media. He has made posters and T-shirt designs for nationwide organizations, he enjoys oil painting and especially loves to work with pencil and charcoal. He usually has prints available in the shop.

On his days off from the shop, Audi’s interests include track days with his motorcycle or car, working in his woodshop, and hiking the high peaks of the White Mountains…yet you’ll also often find him on his days off creating tattoo designs for his clients back at Midnight Moon.


Thank you very much for your interest in my work. This page contains all the crucial information you need before setting up an appointment with me. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at the shop, and I’ll be happy to provide you with all the information needed and to answer any questions.

Please DO NOT send any deposits until we have agreed on an appointment and design, as they are NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstance.

  • I only do so many tattoos a year, therefore, a few requirements will have to be met to qualify an idea. Please keep in mind that not every idea and design works for an excellent tattoo
  • I work with 100% freedom to achieve the best tattoo possible using your ideas on the subject matter and my artistic abilities and style.
  • I try to fit everyone in but realistically only the most interesting projects get appointments first. There are cases where my reply will be a referral to one of our other artists. This does not mean that I don’t want to do your tattoo but it means that your idea will be best handled according to the style you want by a specific artist. This is because the best results are achieved by having the right artist for the right job.
  • With very few exceptions, there are some tattoo styles that I don’t do such as Color tattoo, Portraits, NO tattoos on the finger, face etc.… I don’t do re-works or finish pieces by other artists.
  • For larger scale Blackwork designs such sleeves and back pieces, it is important to understand that it is a commitment both financially and of our time. Appointments are set every four to six weeks until completion of your tattoo unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
  • A percentage of my work is freehand, which means the design or part of the design is drawn directly on the skin, or based on sketches done beforehand. In this case, there won’t be any drawing shown before your appointment. If there was a sketch done, you will see it the day of the appointment. My rate for large, multiple-sitting pieces is $200 per hour, and I have a three-hour minimum unless other arrangements have been made. Smaller, one-sitting tattoos will be priced per piece and price will be agreed upon before an appointment is made.
  • You may have the option of booking me for an entire day on approved pieces, the rate for a whole day of tattooing is $1,600.
  • A non-refundable deposit is required to set up an appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment please do so at least 72 hours in advance. If not you will forfeit your deposit and a new one will be required to schedule a new appointment. If your appointment is rescheduled after 3 times your deposit is forfeit and a payment in full will need to be made to get back into my books.
  • I do my best to make sure every tattoo I do is held to my highest standards. This takes time and patience on both our parts. Also, I will assume you contacted me based on my work style and artistic abilities. With this understanding, I work as an artist in my style only, with a basis on your ideas. I am not a copy machine or robot.

Thank you for your inquiry. Please let me know if you would like to move forward; doing so confirms that you agree to the terms above.

Thank you, Audi