Midnight Moon is New Hampshire’s premier tattoo and art studio. Established in 1993 with the goal of providing a professional, safe, and knowledgeable tattoos to the most discerning clientele. We continue to provide professional service in a comfortable environment to make your experience a positive one.

Our hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10-6. We are located at 56 NH Route 25, Meredith, NH 03253. Not all artists are at the shop each day during those times, so it may take a few days for a particular artist to respond to you. We are usually busy with clients and drawings during the day and we do our best to answer your emails and the phone. If you call and get the machine please be sure to leave a detailed message. Please be patient, we’ll get back to you soon!


Mathew Clarke opened Midnight Moon in 1993 at the age of 18. Tattooing was quite different in the early 90s, with the “art” side of the industry just starting to come in to play. Fortunately, Mathew met some great artists and friends that greatly influenced him along the way during his beginning years as a tattooer. He has traveled greatly and has become a respected award-winning and sponsored artist, both nationally and internationally. Mathew continues to travel the world to tattoo, learn, teach and experience all possible aspects of tattooing and its historic traditions. He is also a knowledgeable collector of tattoo memorabilia and history.

Mathews prefers to work in styles that provide a challenge and newness to his work. Japanese-influenced subjects in both black work and color, along with artistic realism and stylized renderings are some of his preferred subjects to tattoo.

Mathew enjoys many art forms when not tattooing, such as screen printed art, digital art, traditional tattoo style art, as well as sculpture and design to name a few. On the side he also has a great interest in business, marketing and financial investing.


In 1997, Timm started his formal tattoo training in one of Rhode Islands oldest tattoo shops, where he stayed for quite some time before moving on to California for a career as a drummer in a band called “Lovin’ Kry”. After a good run at that and a few other endeavors, Timm returned to Rhode Island to continue tattooing. From there, he moved to a busy street-style shop in Massachusetts before moving once again north to New Hampshire, where he tattooed in a local shop for the next five years. On February 6th, 2014, Timm came to join the Midnight Moon team, bringing his own style of tattooing to the studio, and where he continues to progress and develop his art as a tattooist, sign painter, and further his work with paint, pencil and mixed media.

Timm enjoys working with his clients on an individual basis to create tattoo designs in the style most fitting to the work and the clients intentions.

Living north along Lake Winnipesaukee, Timm spends his personal time with his family and as a drummer in his church band.


Michaela has been a performing body modification and piercing here at Midnight Moon Tattoo since 2011. Her training and continued education is quite extensive and ever-growing.

Starting with her knowledge of piercing, she has traveled to San Francisco, California, to work and learn with Fakir Musafar, widely referred to as the the “Godfather of Modern Body Piercing”. Topics studied included The Fundamentals of the Body, Advanced Piercings and Modification, and absolutely everything in between. As an annual participant of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) Convention held in Las Vegas, she has received numerous certifications within the industry that include: Anatomy of the Body, Safe and Sterile Practices in the Modification Industry, and Advanced Piercing Techniques, just to name a very few.

With Steve Haworth of Phoenix, Arizona (listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “The Most Advanced Modification Artist” 1999-present), Michaela studied the methods of magnetic implantations and genital beading, both services provided at Midnight Moon. While performing her piercing and modification services, Michaela uses only the highest quality body jewelry available in the industry, Industrial Strength, NeoMetal, and Anatometal are just a few examples. She also carries a large selection of specialty 14k gold, diamond, and organic body jewelry as well. You will not find better quality or selection of body jewelry anywhere.


In 2012, Robert started his tattooing career in the lakes region of New Hampshire. After completing his apprenticeship and working in the industry, he has developed an interest in blackwork tattoos. Including geometric, dotwork, and visually stunning tattoos such as optical illusions. When Robert isn’t tattooing or drawing he enjoys hiking and camping both during the summer and the winter months. He has always loved videography and photography, which goes hand in hand with his love for traveling the world.