The whole team here at Midnight Moon are very happy to announce our new website is up and running! Underlying the excitement about our new website, however, a thought keeps running through my head. This is something I preach in my own line of work, yet still had to re-learn during this website build. The thought is: hire the best, most-experienced professional with a reputation, and a portfolio that can’t be beat. Why do I keep thinking about this?

We all want to save a few bucks, myself included. I realize we all have set budgets and sometimes it seems the best just costs too much. But are we ever really saving money, time, or anything for that matter, by cutting a corner or two and settling for good, good enough, or make the excuse that “it will work for now”? Even worse is investing in something that will have to be paid for yet again to be re-done the right way. From my experience as a tattooer, and more recently, my lessons learned through this site build, I will flat out say: NO, you’ll never save anything this way, and I can promise you in the long run you will spend a lot more money thinking otherwise (try it and you’ll see).

Here’s my experience: I tried to save a few bucks and a little time on this website build by hiring someone, a freelancer, out on his own, working out of his house and without the best equipment for the job. I did very little home work at the time, but the guy seemed good enough, so I left my deposit and got the promise of a completed website in just a couple months. A few months later, no good website. Emails went unanswered. Numerous launch dates were set and missed; meetings were set and missed. Six months later a sizable chunk of my income was also missed! Not to mention all I had to show for it by that point was a half-built, not so great website. In a business where it’s absolutely a must for me to display my work, I’m looking like a failure, or at least I was feeling like one! Trying to save a few bucks up front actually lost me thousands of dollars in the long run.

After doing a little math and realizing I’m losing big time, I sought out real website professionals. Now I had a team of people working together with me, and within ten days we had the beautiful website you see here. I also now have the support of a team of pros working with me for the long haul, making sure we always remain up to date and running beautifully, and I know they have my back when needed. Now I’m back on track and in the black. Hiring a pro turned out to be cheaper and safer in many ways then hiring someone working out of their house or a non-professional shop. The new website is safe, clean, up to date and I am proud to show it off. This is what experienced professionals can do for you.

So what does this have to do with a tattoo? Re-read this post again and change the word “website” to “tattoo” and you’ll get it. Do your home work extensively, save time and money, and be happy and confident by hiring professionals! We really do know what were doing.

M. S. Clarke

A huge thank you to the team at The Idea Garage for our design and build: Beau, Hunter, Brett and their team are professionals you can count on.