Midnight Moon Tattoo – Type 1 Diabetic Tattoo Day!

Recently, we posted a blog talking all about how people all over the world were choosing to have medical alerts tattooed on their bodies. One of the most important types of these medical alerts is the Type 1 Diabetes plaque that many that have this autoimmune disease are choosing to have done. Type 1 Diabetes [...]

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Tattoos for Your Health

The process of choosing what to have tattooed on your body is, generally, one with significance. This is a permanent body modification that will follow you through the rest of your life (and beyond!). One type of tattoo that is more popular than you might think is medical tattooing. There are a range of medical [...]

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The Art of Couples Tattoo

While most tattoo artists, and many other people, will tell you that you should absolutely and under no circumstances tattoo your lover’s name on your body, there are still many people who wish to express their love in permanent form. A creative and lasting way to do this is with a thoughtful couples’ tattoo. One [...]

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