The Dangers of Shopping for Price: Scratchers, Infections and Bad Tattoos

The Dangers of Shopping for Price: scratchers, infections and bad tattoos   With tattoos becoming increasing popular by the day, the dangers associated with getting tattoos are also increasing. While most adults are already aware of these dangers, very few teenagers seem to realize what’s at risk. Often, it’s much more than just a bad [...]

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Nipple Piercings – Customized to fit you!

You might not know that there are many different acceptable placement options when it comes to nipple piercings. I’m sure we have all seen the traditional horizontal placement, where the bars (or rings) sit horizontal to the horizon. But did you know that nipple piercings can also be placed vertically or diagonally as well? And [...]

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Up-to-date Piercing Aftercare

Up-to-date Piercing Aftercare   Every piercing procedure I perform is followed by the appropriate aftercare instruction conversation with my client. And almost without exception I find that within my instructions, I say something the contradicts something else they have been told to do (or not to do) in the past.   Just as medical procedures [...]

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Daith Piercings and Migraines

Daith Piercings and Migraines You may have noticed the recent posts on many social media sites regarding how a Daith piercing may reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches, and I have definitely seen a surge in the amount of Daith piercings I perform here at the studio.  But does it actually help with [...]

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A New Website for Midnight Moon

The whole team here at Midnight Moon are very happy to announce our new website is up and running! Underlying the excitement about our new website, however, a thought keeps running through my head. This is something I preach in my own line of work, yet still had to re-learn during this website build. The [...]

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